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Norman Reedus: Friday eye candy



Okay, this is a single girl’s blog, and this is how I figure it. If you’re single too, you’re spending your Fridays one of two ways: Going out on a date, in which case you won’t be reading this or any blog. Or, if you’re like me, sitting at home watching movies with hot guys.

Hey, I love being single, but I love sexy men, too. Sue me.

So to indulge my inner Bridget Jones, I’m going to sing the praises of some hot guy every Friday. If you’re married, a straight man or a nun, just skip on by this slice of cyberspace every Friday, capeche?

I’ve already sung the praises of Christian Bale, which means I have to find someone else to kick off this weekly series. So we’re going from the Batmobile to the chopper, the poncho and the one with the fierce crossbow.

I know y’all know I’m talking Norman Reedus.

First of all, you gotta love a badass guy named Norman. And a guy who, as he puts it, made a career out of giving people dirty looks.

Reedus, like his “Walking Dead” character Daryl Dixon, is the consummate bad boy with a heart of gold. He smokes, he flips off people, he licks them and he pours his beer on Lady Gaga’s booty in the “Judas” video. Yet the man has created a frenzy of rabid females swooning over him, from teens to cougars. He transcends generations: I never really thought I’d see the day when me and my niece agreed on a guy’s hotness. Enter the man with that sexy poncho and the nerdy name.


He recently took up the cause of stopping animal cruelty, which makes him that much more adorable. If there is any “safe” character on “The Walking Dead,” it’s Daryl Dixon. If writers try to kill him off, the outcry from men and women alike will make the outrage at killing Opie on “Sons of Anarchy” seem like a baby kitten’s whimper.

He’s that bad, and that good.

I know it’s wrong to find a man pouring his beer on a woman somehow sexy, but if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right. See for yourself in this video, the one and only time I will ever post anything by the Gag Hag.


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